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Frequently asked questions about the Kami Library

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Have a burning question? We’re here to help! Check out our FAQs below.

What is the Kami Library?

You mean you haven’t heard? The Kami Library is your new go-to to download, edit, and share free, ready-to-use teaching templates, resources, and activities!

How does the Kami Library work?

The Kami Library is super easy to navigate. Watch our short video tutorial here to get the ins and outs.

Who can use the Kami Library?

Any educator (or adult)! The Kami Library has hundreds of free teaching templates that any and all educators can use across the K-12 curriculum.

Where can I find the Kami Library?

Easy! Just head to kamiapp.com/library. You can also navigate to the Kami Library directly in the Kami app from the Dashboard — woohoo!

What are the features of the Kami Library?

The Kami Library has been built and curated with you busy educators in mind! We know you have lessons to plan, students to inspire, and not enough time, so the Kami Library:

  • Will be 100% free for all

  • Filters resources by grade, subject level, and resource type

  • Is completely keyword searchable

  • Allows downloads to local storage

  • Opens resources for editing and sharing straight into Kami

  • Enables you to easily share resources with your teacher friends via social

  • Is always open to resource requests and feedback!

Is the Kami Library free to use?

Well say it once, we’ll say it again, we’ll shout it from the rooftops! The Kami Library is totally free to use – no strings attached (or accounts required).

Do I need a Kami account to use the Kami Library?

Nope, an account isn’t required! But you know all of Kami’s tools for more interaction and accessibility will take your template from awesome to absolutely amazing (hello student engagement!). Find out more about nabbing a free account here.

How can I find something specific in the Kami Library?

Ah-yes. With so many resources at your fingertips, you could easily get carried away in all the Kami magic! That’s why we’ve made it super simple to filter the templates by grade level, subject, and resource type down the left-hand side of the screen

Nothing came up when I searched in the Kami Library?

No stress! We’re always adding fresh templates and resources into the Kami Library. If you’re not seeing a template that you would love to have, let us know by filling out this form and we’ll see what we can do!

How do I share a template from the Kami Library?

That’s easy – click on any resource you’re interested in sharing ‘round and you’ll see a “share” tab. Here you can send the resource over social media or simply through a link. Sharing is caring! (Kami Library templates are totally useable and shareable for personal or educational purposes)

I have a template idea for the Kami Library, who should I share it with?

Yaaas! Share that template, activity, or resource idea right here – we love to hear them.

I want to submit a resource for the Kami Library, where do I go?

Firstly, you’re too kind – we genuinely can’t wait to start taking on outside resources, but at this stage, we’re only set up to stock resources made by Kami. Keep your eyes peeled – educator submissions coming soon!

How do I edit the Kami Library templates?

To start Kami-fying your resources, simply click “Open with Kami” on the resource of your choice. Once in Kami, let your imagination run wild with all the different tools and features for interactivity and accessibility! Images, screen capture, videos, stickers… the list goes on!

Can I assign the Kami Library templates to my students?

Of course! Start by pressing “Open with Kami”, leave any interactive instructions or annotations and share to students using the Kami Sharing Links or via your LMS.

Is there a limit to how many resources I can download from the Kami Library?

You can never have too much of a good thing! Go on, download to your heart’s desire.

I can’t download the Kami Library template to my computer.

Hmm, could be due to a temporary unreliable network or browser connection. Try refreshing the page or connecting to another network.

If you’re downloading on a school-issued device, downloads may have been blocked. Check with your Tech Admin or try downloading on another deceive. If all else fails, give us a shout at support@kamiapp.com and we’ll see how we can help!

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