How to use Kami Rewards

A quick guide on how to navigate our new referral program

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This article is a step-by-step guide to Kami Rewards, our newly launched referral program. It's super easy to get started, learn how to navigate Kami Rewards, and watch your rewards come streaming in! Bit stuck? Peep at our FAQ for commonly asked questions.

How to use Kami Rewards ✨

  1. Open Kami and go to your Profile, then click Kami Rewards.

2. In your Kami Rewards window is where you’ll spot your unique referral link — this is what you’ll use to share the Kami love with your teacher friends! There are three ways you can share your link, which we’ve broken down below:

  • Clicking the Copy icon gives you a simple copy and paste function. Note that there is no limit to how many times you can share your referral link.

  • Clicking the Email icon will generate a pre-filled email for you to send out through your default email app. While clicking the Twitter icon will open the social media app and display a pre-filled caption with a short message and your referral link.

Viewing your points and rewards status ✨

To view your points and rewards status, go to Check my status. Here you’ll see the total amount of points you’ve earned (1 successful referral = 1 point), and the rewards you’re able to unlock.

Best of all, rewards are automatically unlocked so you can sit back and watch your rewards come streaming into your Stickers tool!

Viewing your referral activity ✨

Another feature found in Kami Rewards is the ability to view Your referral activity. This should help let you know every time a friend uses your link and any milestones that you’ve hit!

Ready to take it for a spin? Go to Kami to get started 💻

Read our FAQ for commonly asked questions

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