Kami Rewards (Referral Program) FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Kami Rewards referral program.

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Bit stuck? This article will answer all your questions! If you want a step-by-step guide on how to use Kami Rewards venture on over to our tutorial.

What is Kami Rewards?

Kami Rewards is our referral program launching in early September. If you know a teacher friend who you think should start using Kami, invite them to sign up and they’ll get a free 4-month Kami Teacher Plan trial. Plus, for every person you refer, you’ll get a point to go towards exclusive rewards!

Who can join Kami Rewards?

Our referral program will be available to all Kami users with a teacher account. Referral must be between teacher accounts only.

How do I join Kami Rewards?

Once our program has launched in-app, simply start sharing your referral link and you'll automatically become a member of Kami Rewards. Easy peasy!

Who can I share my referral link with?

You can share your referral link with any teacher friend who hasn’t signed up with Kami, meaning a referral will only be successful if they created an account using your referral link.

How do I share my referral link?

There are a few ways you can share your referral link.

  • Clicking the Copy icon gives you a simple copy and paste function. Note that there is no limit to how many times you can share your referral link.

  • Clicking the Email icon will generate a pre-filled email for you to send out through your default email app. While clicking the Twitter icon will open the social media app and display a pre-filled caption with a short message and your referral link.

Can I refer someone who has used Kami before?

No, sorry! Each referral must be a new sign-up for it to count as one point.

Can I refer a student?

No, you won’t be able to refer a student. Only referrals from teacher to teacher will count as a successful referral.

What type of rewards will I receive with my points?

To spice up your Kami experience, our first set of rewards will make your Sticker tool more exciting — starting with new designs! Much more will come soon, so watch this space.

How are points calculated?

One successful referral equals one point. So tell all your teacher friends and get referring, every point counts!

How do I unlock or receive my rewards?

Currently, all in-app rewards will automatically get added to your account, so you’ll be able to start using it right away! Since our first round of rewards is all digital stickers, you can go to the Sticker tool and start using it to spice up your Kami documents.

How do I find out when I've unlocked a reward?

We want to celebrate your milestones, so we’ll send you an email and get notified in Kami.

How do I review my rewards status?

Reviewing your points and referral status is easy! Open Kami Rewards then click Check my status. Here you’ll see the total amount of points you’ve earned (1 successful referral = 1 point), and the rewards you’re able to unlock.

Can I see any history of my referrals?

You can check the history of your referrals at any time. Clicking on View latest activity will reveal all the milestones you've hit, from friends you've referred to rewards you've unlocked.

Can I gift my reward to another user?

Current rewards are non-transferable. But we believe sharing is caring, so some of our rewards in the future will have gifting opportunities. Keep your eyes peeled.

What type of communication will I receive if I join the program?

We want to keep you in the loop, so you’ll receive an email from us when you hit milestones on your account. These may include each time a referral has been successful or when you’ve unlocked a new reward.

Can I opt out of these email communications?

Yes, of course! You’ll be able to unsubscribe if emails aren’t your thing. But don’t worry, You’ll be able to stay up to date with all the exciting news about your progress with in-app notifications.

Why am I not receiving Kami Rewards emails?

You may have opted out of our email communications or it may have drifted into your spam inbox. If you’re using a school email address it may have also been filtered out.

How often will I receive emails about Kami Rewards?

We want to celebrate every milestone with you! You’ll only hear from us when we have exciting news about your Kami Rewards status and other news about the program.

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