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How to use Annotation Bank

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How to access the Annotation Bank

Go to the Toggle Sidebar on the top left hand of the menu bar, then click on Annotation Bank (the fifth icon that looks like a box).

If you see a message that says, “Only teachers can enable annotation bank” it means that your Kami account does not have the Teacher Profile. Change your profile by going to your Kami account settings.

📌Note: Annotation Bank doesn’t work in some old document types for technical reasons. In this case, you will see a message that says, “This document doesn't support annotation bank.”

How to use Annotation Bank

You can add almost all types of annotation to the bank, which includes:

  • Comments: Text, voice, and video

  • Text Boxes

  • Equations

  • Drawings

  • Shapes

  • Kami Questions (new!)

  • Inserted media: Images and videos

Once you’ve created the annotation, click on the “add to bank” icon then follow the prompts.

For comment annotations, you can find the icon in the top right corner.

For other types of annotations, hover over the annotation to view the mini toolbar to see the “add to bank” icon.

All newly added annotation banks will appear at the bottom of the sidebar.

Creating annotations from the Annotation Bank

You can drag and drop an annotation anywhere on your Kami document straight from the Annotation Bank. This applies to all types of annotations stored within the annotation bank.

Click and drag the 2 arrows

With Text Comments, you can drag and drop this annotation on other existing comments in the document to create a reply.

For text, voice, and video comments, you also have the option to access these annotations by using the auto-complete function. Simply type keywords and it will pop up with a selection of comment annotations saved in the Annotation Bank.

Every time you save an annotation with the Annotation Bank feature, Kami will create a copy of it, so even if you delete or edit the saved annotation it will not affect any previously saved annotations.

Annotation Bank UI

You can change the order of annotations/folders, or move an annotation into a folder by dragging and dropping them.

You have 1 hour to restore any deleted annotations before they are permanently deleted.

If you delete a folder, all annotations inside it will be moved out and added to the bottom of the sidebar.

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