The Sidebar is an offshoot of the Menu bar that has some very useful overview tools that can help with navigating a document and quickly locating certain pages or annotations.

You can access the Sidebar by selecting the "Sidebar" option in the top left of the Kami Menu Bar next to the license/user information.

Once clicked, the Sidebar will appear on the left of the page. There are four options available on the Menu bar.

Show Thumbnail (far left):

This shows a zoomed out/thumbnail view of the pages in the file, as well as a number in the bottom right corner showing the number of annotations on that page. Please note that the annotations themselves are not visible in the thumbnail. Clicking on any page's thumbnail will jump to that page.

Show Document Outline (Middle Left):

This option shows the index/headings listings for any PDF that has had the list created. Clicking on any of the listed headings will jump you to that page. You can use the "Plus/Minus" button next to the overarching headings to display/hide the subheadings.

Show Attachments (Middle):

This option shows any files attached to the PDF.

Annotation Summary (Middle Right):

This shows an overview of every annotation that has been created on the document, as well as when the annotation was created/last modified and the content that was highlighted/added. Clicking any annotation in that summary will jump you to the annotation's location in the file. The annotation summary also shows which collaborators added which comment on collaborative files.

The Annotation Summary also works as a Bookmark tool, as you can use that summary and click the annotation you've added as a bookmark to jump right back to where you were in the document.

Annotation bank (Far Right):

The Annotation bank is the library of annotations that the user has created in Kami and then saved to use in the future on different files. All of the saved annotations can be found there, as a full list, or as user-created folders. (For more information on the Annotation Bank, see the help center article here.

If you have any issues with the overviews/summaries displaying, or any questions/feedback for us, feel free to contact us via "".

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