Kami integrates with Google Classroom, Schoology and Canvas. This helps to streamline assignment creation, distribution and the turning-in process for both teachers and students. However, we understand that some schools use an alternative  LMS system which has yet to integrate with Kami. 

Here's how you can use Kami with an alternative LMS:

Set up:

To get this set up, the first thing to make sure of is that the Kami Chrome extension and app are installed onto your own and your students' Chrome browser. To install this, you can go to the Chrome Web Store, or, if your school provides managed devices to the students, use the Google Admin panel: (more details available here: https://help.kamiapp.com/en/articles/788325-how-to-deploy-to-the-kami-app-and-extension-to-the-school-domain)

Kami workflow:

This workflow covers how to push out individual copies of files to your students using a Google Drive sharing link. 

To make a Drive shareable link, you can go to Drive, right-click the file, and select "Get shareable link."

Insert the shareable link into the assignment (I generally insert the hyperlink into the assignment description).  

When making the shareable link, you will want to select the "can view" option as the editing permission, if you wish your students to have individual copies of the file (as shown below).

Student workflow: 

Once your students have received the link, they need to open the file into Kami. This is done via the "Open with" drop-down at the top of their screen. They should then select the "Annotate with Kami" option, which open the file in Kami. 

When students create their first annotation within the loaded file, they will be prompted to create their own copy.

Once they have their own copy of the file, they can complete their assigned task using the Kami tools. They can then use a Kami Sharing link to return the completed assignment to the teacher. This ensures all annotations are visible, and it allows the teacher to make annotations on the shared file for marking and corrections. 

To submit work, students can also attach the annotated file copy to the assignment and submit that back through the chosen LMS's submission features. The teachers can then grade, use the Kami tools to add comments and feedback, then return the grade through the LMS.

Creating Kami group assignments:

If you would like to use Kami for group assignments, the workflow is even easier. You can create a Kami sharing link, via the share button in the Kami Menu Bar:

That can be added to the assignment in the same place the Google Drive link was for individual assignments. When the students click on the Kami link, they will open up the shared file, and will all be annotated on the same copy. You need to create either separate assignments or a separate link for each group of students.

If you encounter any issues with this workflow or any questions about using Kami with a specific LMS, feel free to contact us at support@kamiapp.com

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