Troubleshooting And Support Information

Basic steps for troubleshooting and information you will need to provide the Kami Support team for common issues.

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We wish we could say that Kami was totally issue free 100% of the time.  But the nature of Kami’s constant evolution and development means there are occasional bugs that occur.  This article lays out some general steps that will help you to solve a number of problems.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work we have also provided some info on what our support teams will need to know to help you out. Any support questions should be addressed to

Troubleshooting tips:

Here are some of the general troubleshooting steps you can take to fix issues before contacting us:

1. Check that the following Kami Extension and tools are correctly installed onto the device:

2.  Check you are signed in with the correct account. If you aren't seeing your license or cannot access the paid features, make sure the account you made the purchase with is the account/email you are currently logged in on.

3. Check the account is connected to the right Google account. An account mismatch here can cause document loading issues.

4. If you are administering a paid or trial license to students, make sure they have been added to the license. For more information on sharing the license with students see the article here.

5. Check if the issue is occurring on any other documents.

6. Check if any other students are encountering the same issue.

Specific troubleshooting:

For specific issues, here are some simple steps you can take to resolve issues.

Issues Loading Files:

  • Check that the file is in an accessible location.

  • Check the email Drive is using and the Email Kami is using are the same.

  • Check you have the right file-sharing link.

  • If the file is being opened from a website link, can you open it if you download it first?

If you contact support, Please provide the following information:

  • Is it the only document that isn't loading?

  • A Kami sharing link for the document.

  • How you are loading the document (Direct through Kami, Drive, Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, Desktop)?

Unable to Annotate Document:

  • (Free account) Check that the tool you are trying to use isn't a paid feature.

  •  (Shared files) Check you have permission to annotate the document.

  • Run the OCR tool on the document.

  • Check if you can annotate other documents.

  • Check if the issue is isolated to certain tools i.e. selecting text, drawing, comment tools.

If you contact support, Please provide the following information:

  • Provide a Kami sharing link or a copy of the file.

  • Note which of the tools work/don't work.

  • How you are opening the document.

  • If the issue is occurring on other documents.

General License Issues: 

  • Check that, if you are on a trial license, and that it hasn't expired yet.

  • Check the license key is correct. If you have lost the license key you can request it from the support team

  • If you cannot see a school-wide license on the Kami License Dashboard, check that you are registered as a license administrator with your Technology Officer.

License student limit:

If you are experiencing issues adding students and receiving error messages about the license being at its limit, you can do the following things:

  • Check your license's limits. The standard limit is 150 students and one teacher per teacher license.

  • Check the Kami License Dashboard. Check the user list there and remove any outstanding/incorrect user accounts.

  • If you are under 150 Students and cannot add more users to the license it may be an issue with the user grouping in the dashboard. See here for details on managing that issue. 

If you contact support, Please provide the following information:

  • The account you have the license under.

  • Any error messages you are seeing when adding users to the license.

  • The expected number of students on the license.

  • (If you are requesting we add them manually) A list of the Emails you would like added to the license.

Lost Annotations/Work:

Contact our support team as quickly as possible once you've realized the work has been lost.

If the work has been accessed through or uploaded to Google Drive:

  1. Right-click the file in Drive.

  2. Select "Manage Versions".

  3. Download the most recent previous version. This may conserve some of the work.

When you contact support, Please provide the following information:

  • Your Kami account email

  • The file's name

  • The rough time you last accessed to document with annotations.

  • Any error messages you received loading or saving the document. 

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