The Split and Merge Tool is a separate add-on app that you can use for free, with full access available to Work and Schools users. If you already have a Kami account, you can sign in using your Kami login details.

With the Split and Merge Tool, you can easily combine and separate multiple files. You can also delete pages, rotate individual pages, rearrange pages, and split documents into multiple separate files. 

You can find the Split and Merge Tool here.

Where can I find the Split and Merge Tool in Kami?

Split and Merge by Kami is a separate tool from the main Kami app. If you have an account with Kami, you can log in with the same credentials.

You can access the 'Split and Merge' tools three ways:

1. Menu dropdown on the main Kami app.

2. Going to

3. Accessing from the Kami app homepage.

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