Kami has a variety of shortcuts to make your life easier.

1: Highlight Tool
2: Strikethrough Tool
3: Underline Tool
4: Comment Tool
5: Insert Text Tool
6: Drawing Tool
7: Shapes Tool
8: Signature Tool
9: Eraser Tool
0: Select Text Tool

CTRL+H: The Hand tool. This allows you to grab pages and move through the document.

CTRL+F: Search. This allows you to search for specific words or phrases. 

CTRL+G: Cycle through the matches based on the search parameters. 

CTRL++ (CTRL+plus sign): Zoom in.

CTRL+- (CTRL+minus sign): Zoom out.

CTRL+0: Reset zoom.

CTRL+P: Print (with annotations).

CTRL+S: Download (without annotations). 

ALT+P: Presentation mode

ALT+G: Specify a page to jump to.

Right arrow/N/J - Next page

Left arrow/K/P - Previous page

SHIFT+ENTER: Add a line. This is helpful for the Comment Tool, because just pressing enter will create a comment box. 

SHIFT+? (SHIFT+question mark): Opens the numerical shortcut menu.

While in Fit Page:

SPACE: Next page

SHIFT+SPACE: Previous page

Note: For Macs, you can sometimes use the Command button. However, browser shortcuts (Command + H, command + R, etc) take preference, so I would recommend using control.

Do you have a shortcut that you would like to include that doesn't exist today? Let us know over email: support@kamihq.com

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