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How to add a Co-Teacher in Canvas
How to add a Co-Teacher in Canvas

This article will give you a full rundown how to add co-teachers in Canvas so they can grade student work or update assignments

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What the primary teacher needs to do

Go to the course you want to share with a co-teacher, then select People on the left

Once you are in the People section on the right-hand side there is a button + People press that to add your co-teacher

​The Add people section will pop up, here you type in the email of your co-teacher and remember to change their Role to Teacher.

❗️ It automatically has student selected as the role so it is important to remember to change the role to Teacher

Once you added all your co-teachers through email select the Next button at the bottom right.

This will bring you to the next section Add people and it will list all the teachers you added in the previous section, once you are happy with everything select the Add Users button

What the Co-Teacher needs to do

The co-teacher simply has to just go to their email and look for the Course invitation email and select the Get started button. Once they do this they will have access to the course.

❗️ If you are co-teaching it is important to note that if you are grading work at the same time you will see the other teacher's notes in Class View, but the grade you give to the student will be the grade that was given by the latest teacher.

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