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How to Navigate and Complete the Kami Certified Course
How to Navigate and Complete the Kami Certified Course

Guide to the Kami Certified Educators course (level 1 and level 2)

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How to navigate the Kami Certified Course

After applying to Kami Certified Educators and creating a course profile, you'll see the Course Curriculum.

  1. Percentage of the course curriculum that you’ve completed.

  2. Course curriculum view.

  3. Your instructor (this is Kami)

  4. Dropdown menu for your account-related settings.

  5. Start buttons to initiate that particular part of the course.

Getting started

Click the Start next lesson button. This will take you to the uncompleted lessons in the course in chronological order. Alternatively, click any of the Start buttons alongside any of the lessons. This allows you to choose which lesson to watch.

Exploring the lesson page

  1. Percentage of the course curriculum that you’ve completed.

  2. Every module will have lessons, both in text and video forms.

  3. Every lesson will have a quiz part that challenges you with what you have just learned.

  4. The Complete and Continue button will move you to the next lesson.

Scrolling down the lesson will reveal the video transcript and another Complete and Continue button for your convenience to move to the next lesson.

✏️ If the lesson does not apply to you, you can easily skip it by clicking the Complete and Continue button.

Video content navigation

  1. The subtitles button allows you to watch the video with captioning.

  2. You can also take notes by clicking on the button that has a pencil icon to bring up the lesson notes window.

  3. This brings up the settings that allow you to change the video quality and playback speed.

  4. The last two buttons let you switch between a mini-player or the full-screen mode.

Additional readings

Some videos will have links underneath them that open up Kami's help center articles to learn more about the lesson topic.

Comment section

Each lesson page will have a comment section where you can leave feedback or share your feelings about the lesson.

Exploring the Quiz section

For the quiz, you must complete every question and click the Check button afterward to progress.

Once you’ve answered all questions correctly, the Complete and Continue buttons will turn grey to purple so you can click to move to the next lesson.

You’ll have to retake the quiz if you get any answers wrong - you only get 10 attempts. You can’t continue to the next lesson until you score 80% or more

Completion of the Course

Once you have completed all the lessons and quizzes, you will reach the last part of this course, where you can get a Kami Certified Bage, apply for Level 2 Kami certification, and download your Level 1 Kami certificate.

How to get a Kami certified badge

Grab your badge to show off your Kami certification. Click either of the appropriate links to get a copy of the badge.

How to become a level 2 Kami certified educator

Level up your knowledge and prove your skills by taking on the next level of being a Kami Certified Educator.

How to get the Kami certified educator certificate

The last step is to grab your Kami certificate as proof that you have completed and passed the course. Scroll down until you reach this part, and hit the Complete and Continue button to generate your certificate.

🔍 Can't find it? Ensure you have scrolled down to the end of the page and click the button to generate the certificate.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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