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How to use Kami for Multimodal presentation assignments
How to use Kami for Multimodal presentation assignments

Do multimodal presentations by taking advantage of the Kami app.

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What is a Multimodal presentation?

This presentation demonstrates aptitude across various communication and expression modes, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and representing. It supports students by allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, and skills across different modes.

Creating a Multimodal presentation assignment

1. Create a Kami assignment

You must use a file with enough black pages for your students to fill in their content. Remember to set the appropriate page size and orientation.

Please look at some of these articles where you can learn how to start creating your Kami assignment.

2. Inform your students

Once you created the Kami assignment, let your students know that they can start creating their visual slides in Kami by opening their copy of the Kami assignment.

πŸ” If your students prefer using slides from outside Kami, tell them to simply take screenshots of those slides and paste them into their Kami slides.

3. Use Kami tools to do a multimodal presentation

Using a comprehensive option of amazing tools in Kami, your students can choose and combine different ways to create the best presentation possible.

4. Use the Screen Capture Comment tool

As a last step before submitting, have them use the Screen Capture Comment tool to record their screen while simultaneously recording their camera. They can then use Kami's Presentation Mode to formally present while being recorded. Once they hit stop recording, the Screen Capture Comment annotation will be saved.

5. Submit the Kami assignment

Remind them to hit the Turn In or Submit button when they finish if they are happy with their work on their Kami assignment. This is mentioned in the articles listed here that discuss working on Kami assignments as a Student.

6. Grading their multimodal presentations

As this list of articles shows, you can start the grading phase by looking at the students' slides and watching their recorded presentations.

πŸ” You also have the option to show their presentation to the class via a projector or a big screen display and hit play on their recorded Screen Capture Comment annotation.

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