How to use your Kami Coupon

Find out how to activate a Kami license through a Kami coupon code.

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What are Kami Coupons?

If you have visited us at our Kami booth at any EdTech conferences, chances are you have won a Kami Coupon from one of our booth games, such as our Kami Claw Machine.

Here's how a Kami coupon usually looks:

โ—๏ธ Any other websites that claim to have Kami coupons, especially discount coupons, are fake. Using the coupon code will never ask you for any payment information. Some Kami coupon prints only have the coupon code rather than a full URL despite it saying it's a URL.

Using your Kami Coupon

If your Kami Coupon has the full URL, you can type it into your internet browser, and once loaded, it should apply to your logged-in Kami account.

If you only have the code rather than the full URL, open the Kami app and click the profile menu button. This is the button with your initials located at the top right side of the Kami app. This will open a dropdown menu for you to select the Enter Coupon button.

This will then pop up the Enter Coupon dialog, where you can enter the Kami Coupon code.

Hit apply, and it should let you know if the Kami Coupon code has gone through successfully or not.

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