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How to use Insights in Kami Class View
How to use Insights in Kami Class View

This article will cover what each section in the Insights menu has to offer you.

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❗️ This is a Beta Feature to use it you will have to contact they can turn it on for you. Thank you for your patience.

How do I get to the Insights menu?

To get to the insights section in Kami Class View, open the assignment you want to view and select the Insights button at the top right.

Student Performance

Once selected, it will start calculating the scores for the particular assignment you opened it from.

There are three areas under Student performance:

1. Class Average - This is your assignment average score, and it takes that number from scores awarded through Kami Class View.

2. Score Distribution - This takes all the scores awarded through Kami Class View and puts them in a visual graph.
3. Performance - This section gives insights into the top scorers, median scores, and lowest scorers in the assignment.

Assignment Analysis

This picks up on the Kami Questions feature. Each question title will show up on the left, with the type of question it is, what each question is worth, and how many completed it and got it correct.

How is this useful to me?

Insights provides a data-led view of your class's performance, allowing you to fine-tune assessments to improve outcomes.

For example, if you see consistent incorrect answers to a particular question, you can evaluate the clarity of the question's wording and make improvements using Update Work > Publish Changes. This will update the question for all your students, hopefully resulting in improved results.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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