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How to log in to Kami with Clever
How to log in to Kami with Clever

How to open the Kami app from Clever to connect your existing Kami account or create a new one

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✏️ This article only applies to you if your School or District uses Clever.

Steps to access Kami through Clever

1. Finding Kami from the Clever portal

For Teachers

As a teacher, log into your Clever portal, and at the top, select District Page. The Kami app should have been installed by your Clever admin here. Select the Kami app. It will open the Kami app in a new browser tab.

❗️ Can't see the Kami app here?

Please contact your Clever admin (usually one of your Tech admins) to get them to add Kami to your district's Clever library.

For Students

As a student, once you log into Clever, you should have all your apps on your Clever home page. Find and select the Kami app in the list.

2. Linking your Google or Microsoft account

If it is the first time you are doing the first step, it will prompt you to log in with either your Google or Microsoft account for Kami. This will create a new Kami account that will link to that particular Google or Microsoft account and also will link to your Clever account.

If you already have a Kami account, this step is almost the same as when you normally log in using the Kami App. The only difference is that this step will add a link to your Clever account.

✏️ One-to-one

Once you link your Clever account to a Kami account, you won't be able to link it to any other accounts. If you need to unlink, please contact us at

3. Signing in and authenticating your account

Once you select either Continue with Google or Microsoft, it will open a small window with a prompt for you to log in with an email account you want to use Kami. Go through the sign-in prompts.

Allow permission to Kami

Read the permissions that you are giving to Kami, then select the Allow button at the bottom of the window.

Once you allow permissions, your Clever account, Google or Microsoft account, and Kami account are now linked. It will then reload the page to open the Kami app for you.

✏️ Ease of access

After completing these steps, the next time you open the Kami app from Clever, it will simply open Kami using the accounts you linked it with.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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