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Grading Kami Assignments in Microsoft Teams
Grading Kami Assignments in Microsoft Teams

How to grade your Kami assignments in Microsoft Teams

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Grading and feedback

Grading in Microsoft Teams has a few steps involved while we wait for the grader to allow us to have Kami inside of it. Here is how to view the student's work and give feedback.

❗️ Using the assignments in Channel Tabs will not allow you to do grading/feedback in the same way as Assignments created using the Create Assignments option

1. Opening a Student Assignment

Firstly, select the assignment and select the student who you want to view:

Once you are viewing the student, select the Kami button to view the student's work.

2. Giving Feedback in Kami

Clicking the Kami button will allow you to give feedback inside of Kami and view the students' work. There will be three copies to choose from when opening the Kami Assignment. Here is a quick summary of what each option does:

  • Class View: View/Grade all the student assignments in Kami at the same time.

  • Template: Edit the template file in Kami and Publish Changes to all student assignments.

  • Student: Open a single-student assignment in Kami.​

3. Returning the Assignment to the Student

Once you are finished giving feedback in Kami, simply click the return button to give the student their grade.

✏️ Remember, all your annotations are saved and synced in real-time, so students can also see your feedback if they choose to jump back on their turned-in work in Kami.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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