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Grading Kami Assignments in Google Classroom
Grading Kami Assignments in Google Classroom
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Kami seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom to make grading quick and simple, but before you can start grading, you must install the Kami Chrome extension.

Once you have the Kami Chrome extension installed, you will be able to grade assignments through Kami directly inside your Google Classroom.

How to grade a Kami Assignment in Google Classroom

1. Select and review a Kami Assignment

Go into the Classwork tab in your selected classes, then click the Kami Assignment you'd like to grade. This should expand and reveal more options. Clicking the Review Work button will take you to the Google Classroom grading page.

2. Start grading the student submissions

Before you can start grading, make sure you tick the Grade with Kami checkbox. This will load the selected student’s Kami Assignment file in Kami within Google Classroom. This will make sure you see all their work and for you to be able to use Kami's tools to grade, leave notes, and give feedback.

If you'd like to view the whole class' submissions at the same time, you can click the Class View button to open all their assignments in Kami. Learn more about Kami Class View to make your grading more efficient.

🔍 Did you know?

You can use the arrows at the top of the grading screen to cycle through the next or previous student’s work.

3. Return the Kami Assignment to your students

As a final step, leave the student's grade in the right corner of their assignment and click the Return button.

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