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How to install the Kami app as an Admin for Microsoft Teams
How to install the Kami app as an Admin for Microsoft Teams

This article will give you a step by step guide to push the Kami app to your users on Microsoft Teams

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Getting started by allowing third-party apps

To start please go to and log in with your Microsoft 365 Admin account.
Then select the Teams apps drop down on the left and go to Manage apps. Once here select Org-wide app settings

Make sure that the toggle for Third-party apps is enabled

Allowing Kami to be used by your Teachers/students

1. Once the log in process is complete in the side bar on the left hand side of the screen select the Teams Apps drop down and go to Permission policies


2. Once here select + Add to add a new permission policy or you can use an existing permission policy, select a name for it.

3. If your setting under Third-party apps is Allow all apps then everything should be working for your users.

  • If your setting here is Block all apps please change it to another option so Kami can be utilized.

  • If you have Allow Specific apps and block all others or Block specific apps and allow all others selected please go through the following steps.

The following steps are only relevant if you need to block specific apps or allow specific apps (If you are blocking all apps this is where you can choose different options)

4. Here you will be able to search for the Kami app in the search bar then add and Allow

5. Once you added Kami and the other apps you want to add just click save

If you get stuck or need further assistance please contact

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