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Using Kami Publish Changes in Microsoft Teams
Using Kami Publish Changes in Microsoft Teams

This article will give you a summary and step by step guide to Publish Changes to a Kami assignment after creation.

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What is Publish Changes

Publish changes is a feature that allows you to add new annotations to the template file that was pushed out to students already. It is ideal if you need to edit assignments in live settings, or if you need to add new material to an existing assignment.

Who can use Publish Changes?

It is available to be used by Teachers on any Kami assignments created that contain student-copy files. This means non-Kami assignments, view-only, or share-one-copy files cannot use this feature.

How to access Publish Changes

To access Publish Changes in a Microsoft Teams assignment, go to the assignment you wish to add changes to. Select any of your students

Once here select the Kami file on the right hand side.

It should give you the option to see the Template in the list on the right, once here you can make all the changes you wish to the assignment. Once you complete the changes you want to add/remove select the Publish Changes button at the top.

Once you select the Publish Changes button it will reconfirm if you have completed the changes you want, simply select the Publish button to confirm.

Once you have published the changes should be instantaneous to all the student copies.

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