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How to add more Voice options to Windows OS
How to add more Voice options to Windows OS

This article will run you through the steps to add new Read Aloud options using a Windows Operating System

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Note: The screenshots are for Windows 11 the settings will be very similar if you are on a Windows 10 device they might just be named slightly differently. If you are having trouble please email

To get started on your Windows device, please go to the settings you can find it by searching for it in your Start bar

Once here select the Accessibility setting option on the left or search for it in the Find a setting search bar. Once here select the Narrator setting on the right.

To add a new voice, look for the Add natural voices section and click Add

Here you will be able to choose a different voice already installed or you can search the language options by clicking the blue underlined Choose a different language option

Once you have made your selection click Next

Then click Install and it will add it to your Read aloud tool voice options

If you need any further assistance please contact us at

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