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How to deploy your Kami license using Google Workspace - Organisational Units (OU)
How to deploy your Kami license using Google Workspace - Organisational Units (OU)
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How Google OU deployment works

Google OU deployment requires you to have admin access to your Google Workspace domain.

The way this functions in simple terms, is by syncing information. This means it syncs your Google OU basic user information to your Kami license, automatically adding all users from the selected OU's into the Kami License.

Keep in mind that this is only a one-way sync. Meaning, if you add or remove users from the license, this will not be reflected on the OU side.

How to set up your Google OU deployment

To set up your deployment through OU, create a Kami account using your Google Workspace admin email. This email also needs to be the license admin for the license. If you are not a license admin the next steps won't be possible. If you need help adding your Google Workspace email to the license admin list please contact

1. ​Go to your License Dashboard

The first step is to go to your license dashboard and find the license you want to deploy your Google OU.

2. Find and select your License

Here you can select to administer license button to access that particular license.

3. Open your Google Workspace OU menu

Once you selected the license you want to add your deployment to, scroll down until you see the option Deploy License to Google Workspace Organization Unit

4. Authorize your Google Workspace Admin account

Once you select the Deploy to Google OU button it will ask you to Authorize

5. Find the Organization Units that you want to deploy to

6. Select and manage the Organization Units you want to deploy to

You can then select which organizational units you want to deploy to, you can see the user count on the right hand side of what you selected, and you can change the user segmentation either Teacher or Student.

Once you selected everything as desired click the Save button on the top right.

❗️Things to be aware of

  • This will not work if the license is currently deployed via the Domain-wide method.

  • Suspended users in the OU will not be synced. Only active users.

  • Any user that is removed from the Kami License and is still in one of the OU’s will be re-added back to the Kami License when the automatic sync kicks in.

  • When the OU sync is removed, all users added through the OU will also be removed from the license.

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