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"Open with Kami" button in Canva
"Open with Kami" button in Canva

This article will give you step by step details on how to find and use Kami through Canva

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Install the Kami Extension to your Chrome Browser

Making sure the extension is installed is the first step. You can confirm if the extension is installed by clicking the puzzle piece at the top right hand corner in your Chrome Browser. As seen below:

If you don't have it installed please go to this link and install the extension there.

Finding Kami in Canva

To use Kami through Canva you need to have a project you have been working on or a new project you are about to begin.


Once you have added all the changes you want to make on Canva you can go and select the share button at the top right, and if you have the Google Chrome Kami extension you will see the Kami button in the drop down. Once you select that button it will process your Canva file for Kami.

After processing it will automatically load your Canva file into Kami as seen below

This feature is still new so if you run into any issues please contact and we will either fix or help you figure it out together.

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