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Unsubscribing from newsletters & app notifications
Unsubscribing from newsletters & app notifications

This article will give you a quick example of how to unsubscribe from newsletters and/or app notifications

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Unsubscribing or subscribing to the newsletter

1. Unsubscribing through a Kami email

The first step is to locate the newsletter/email that you received from Kami

Once you have located a newsletter, scroll down to the very bottom and there should be a button to select unsubscribe

2. Toggling subscription settings through your Kami settings​

You can also unsubscribe or resubscribe by going to your settings in Kami.

Scroll down till you see Subscribe to Newsletter and remove the tick and it will unsubscribe you.

Email and browser notification settings

You can decide whether to receive email alerts about Kami documents and whether to enable browser notifications.

Tick or Untick the "Enable Email Notifications" based on your preference to the question: "Would you like to get an email notification when a comment is added to your document?"

  • Yes (I'd like an email right away) -> tick this option

  • No (I'll see the comment when I open the file) -> untick this option

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