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Uninstalling the Kami Extension and Google Drive App
Uninstalling the Kami Extension and Google Drive App

How to uninstall Kami from your browser and from your Google Drive

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How to uninstall the Kami extension

1. Find your Kami extension

The easiest way to find your Kami Chrome extension is to manage your Chrome extensions by copy-pasting this URL (chrome://extensions/) to a new Chrome tab.

Once you locate your Kami extension click the Remove button.

It will prompt you a second time to make sure you meant to remove the extension just select Remove again​.

2. Leave your feedback

This will give you a feedback page as confirmation that the extension has been uninstalled.

Uninstall your Kami connection to Google Drive

1. Navigate your Google Drive settings

​Find the settings page at the top right by clicking the settings button then select Settings.

Once you are at the settings page go to Manage Apps, then find Annotate with Kami. Select Options and the View product page button.

2. Uninstall from Google Workspace Marketplace

Finally, you can uninstall Kami here by selecting the Uninstall button.

❗️ Can't remove the extension or Google Drive App?

If you can't remove the Kami extension or Google Drive App yourself, then this means this has been force-installed by your School or District. Please contact your Tech Admin for assistance.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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