How to delete your Kami account

This article will run you through each step on how to schedule deletion of your Kami account

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Deleting your Kami account

1. Find the delete button

Firstly, go to Kami and select your initials at the top right-hand corner, the drop-down will give you an option to select Settings and go to your settings.

Once you get to the settings menu scroll halfway down to get to the section you require, the heading should also read Settings at the top. At the bottom of that section is the button Delete my account, select it to schedule your Kami account deletion:

2. Authorise your account deletion

Once you select Delete My Account it will prompt you to authorize this scheduled deletion, it will have information on how the deletion process works. Simply select the button you can see at the bottom of the prompt.

โ—๏ธ Important to know

It will take 7 days to complete the deletion process from the scheduled start. If you log back into Kami this will prompt you to cancel deletion.

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