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How to Share Documents in Kami
How to Share Documents in Kami
Updated over a week ago

Sharing documents in Kami can be useful if you need another user to have the same file as you or a copy of the file you are working on.

These are the steps to achieving both.

1. Go to your file inside of Kami

2. Select the icon at the top right that looks like this:

3. At this point you have multiple options as to what type of link you want to send to your desired recipient:

  • First on the list is "Viewer" this allows the user to only view what you have been working on, but not able to interact with the document or annotations on it. This doesn't exclude the possibility that the user may download the file.

  • Second on the list is "Editor" this allows the user receiving the link to make edits using the annotation tools on the same document that you are working on.

  • Lastly we have "Create individual copy" this creates an editable copy of the document for the user you send the link to, this functions similarly to how it would if you assign out an assignment to your students.

Tip: For "Editor" and "Create individual copy" you can add control features which can limit what annotations can be used with the link that you send to the user. For example if you just want a parent to sign something in Kami, you can only allow the signature tool and send that document out to them.

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