What is the Drawing tool?

The Drawing tool gives you full customization with freehand drawing capabilities, a handy Ruler, and 100+ colors to choose from. Our Drawing tool was designed to give you seamless lines and precision, whether you’re using a mouse or a stylus.

How to use the Drawing tool:

  1. In your toolbar, click the Drawing tool. Tip: it looks like a paintbrush!

  2. Modify the stroke thickness, type, transparency, and color.

  3. Click and hold to start drawing. If you’re using a touchscreen, you can start drawing freely as your finger or stylus touches the screen.

What does each Drawing tool control do?

  • Stroke Thickness: Modify this to change your stroke weight.

  • Stoke Type: Choose between straight or dotted strokes.

  • Transparency: Modify this to increase and decrease the transparency of your strokes.

  • Ruler: Use the Ruler to measure your page and draw straight lines. Measurements are in centimeters, inches and are accurate to the page dimensions.

  • More Colors: Choose from 100+ colors for Swatches, or create custom colors using the Picker.

How to use the Ruler:

  1. In your toolbar, click the Drawing tool and select Ruler. It will appear at the top of your page.

  2. Click and hold the Ruler move it around, and click the arrows to rotate it around the page.

  3. Draw near the Ruler to draw straight lines.

  4. Click the X on the ruler to disable it. The Ruler will also disappear if you click a different tool.

How to use the Protractor

  1. In your toolbar click the Drawing tool and select Protractor.

  2. The Protractor will appear on the top left-hand corner of your page.

  3. Click and hold the Protractor to move it around. Use the arrow to rotate it on the page.

  4. Draw near the Protractor to draw curved lines.

  5. Click the X on the Protractor to disable it. The Protractor will also disappear if you click a different tool.

  6. Click the + or - to increase or decrease its size.

  7. The Protractor will measure the true measurements of your page.

Ruler and Protractor features:

  • Precise measurements in millimeters, centimeters, and inches. Resizing the page won’t have any impact on the measurements.

  • See your page beneath the see-through tools.

  • Create straight and circular lines by drawing near the Ruler and Protractor.

  • Rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise with built-in arrows or by grabbing the end of the tools. The Ruler and Protractor are easy to move. They don't have to fit on the page!

How to erase drawings

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! To erase drawings, click the Eraser in your toolbar and make sure to have Drawings and Shapes selected. Just click or click and hold on the drawings to delete them.

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