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Sharing Files with Co-Teachers in the Schoology V1 Integration
Sharing Files with Co-Teachers in the Schoology V1 Integration

How to share student work with Co-Teachers in the Schoology Course if they can't access the students work for Grading.

Updated over a week ago

Kami's V1 Schoology Integration makes assignments as simple as possible and easy to grade. However, it does have one minor limit. If the Schoology Course has more than one teacher, currently, the integration only shares the file with the creating teacher, so those co-teachers get a permissions error when trying to open and grade that work.

Thankfully, there's a quick and easy workaround on the student side to fix that.

What you need to do is, for the student accounts, have them:

For Google:

1. Open up their Google Drive:

2. Find their Kami Schoology Assignments Folder:

3. Right-Click on the Folder, and click "Share"

3. Share that folder with the necessary teachers

For OneDrive:

1. Open up OneDrive and find the Kami Schoology Assignments Folder:

2. Right-Click on that folder and select "Share":

3. Share that folder with the other teachers

Once that's shared correctly, it will fix the issue for any existing assignments, and it will keep the issue from re-occurring in the future, as any new assignment files are created in that folder so the teacher will have immediate access.

If after doing that, you still aren't able to access the student's work, please let us know via, and we'll be happy to help.

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