Note: This process is meant for sharing with individuals, or for using with an LMS like Canvas/Schoology. To share using Google Classroom, please see these articles: 

Sharing can be done through Google Drive or through Kami.

1. Via Google Drive 

To Share through Google Drive, right-click the file and select "Get shareable link" or "Share" as seen below:

You can also set the rights level. ("Can edit" means the students/other users will all collaborate on the same file, "Can view" means they will all receive their own copy.)

Note: The recipients of the file must also open the file in Kami, which will allow you to collaborate on the file.

2. Via Kami
You can also share via the Share button in the top right corner of Kami, which looks like three dots connected by two lines.

Once the file is uploaded to our servers, you will be provided with a link.

This link can then be shared with anyone that you wish to work with. As long as they open it with Kami, you will both be able to collaborate on the same document.

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