How to Export a File from Kami

Step-by-step guide on exporting a file out of Kami to either your computer or Google Drive.

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Kami works wonders for annotating and marking up a document, but once you havbe finished you'll need to store the completed file somewhere safe.

Here's how you can export/save your file to either your computer or Google Drive:

1. Once you have finished annotating and marking up your document, you should be ready to export.

2. Click the 'Download' button in the upper right corner of the menu bar.

3. This will bring up the Export menu where you can select the form you wish to export the document in.

You can export either to your Computer or Google Drive and One Drive respectively:

When you export to either Google Drive or One Drive, you can select what folder you export to seen below:

Different forms you can export your document out as:

Original - No Annotations - Export the original version of the file without any changes. This can be used a as quick way to clear annotations from a file if you need a clean copy of the document.

With Annotations (PDF File) - Export the file with all the annotations you created. Selecting 'With Annotations' will give you more options, such as flattening the annotations, which embeds the annotations into the page so they cannot be edited. You can also select specific pages to export or choose to only export pages with annotations added to them.

Annotations only Export:
Export only the annotations from a file. This method can be used to keep a set of the annotations as notes if you do not want the full document to refer back to, such as if the annotations are a summary of the content.

The Flatten Annotations option will make your comments viewable in other PDF viewers and will allow for the read allow tool to function on annotations after running Text recognition on it in Kami:

​Note: All files exported from Kami are in PDF format.

If you encounter any issues exporting your file, email our Customer Success team at Please use the Share Document button to share a link for the file with us or provide a copy of the file in question and any error messages you receive.

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