The Split and Merge Tool is a separate add-on tool that you can use for free, with full access available to Work and School Plan users. If you already have a Kami account, you can sign in using your Kami login details.

With the Split and Merge Tool, you can easily combine and separate multiple files. You can also delete pages, rotate individual pages, rearrange pages, and split documents into multiple separate files. 

This tool is compatible with PDFs, and all Google file formats (Slides, Docs, etc.) though they will be converted to PDF before they are loaded into the tool.

You can find the Split and Merge Tool here.

Where can I find the Split and Merge Tool within Kami?

Split and Merge by Kami is a separate tool from the main Kami app. If you have an account with Kami, you can log in with the same credentials.

You can access the 'Split and Merge' tools three ways:

  1. The Menu dropdown on the main Kami app.

2. Going to

3. Accessing from the Kami app homepage.

4. Choose the file you want to Split or Merge. You can either drag-and-drop into this window or you can click the Drive icon to load a file from your Google Drive. 


Using the Split Mode

Now that you've found the Split And Merge and selected a file to work with let's cover how to navigate both the Split and the Merge as well as some possible ways you can use them for preparing learning material. 

Once you've loaded a document, you will then be taken to the Split mode where all of the pages within the document will be displayed.  

You can click-and-drag the pages in order to change the order of the pages within the document, if you move one of these pages to the row below that will allow you to save this page as a PDF as a standalone PDF (these changes will not commit until you export the file itself). 

If you want to either rotate or delete a page within the document. You can do so using the Tool-bar attached under each page of the document. The circular arrows will rotate the page, the expand arrows will zoom in on the selected page and the trash can will delete that page.


Using the Merge Mode

You can use the Merge mode to merge extra pages or whole documents into the original file loaded.

Once you have that file uploaded, you can then access all of the pages within that document and drag-and-drop them into any other row to combine them with that file. 

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