The Text Recognition tool (Previously known as the OCR tool) is a Kami app feature designed to turn a scanned document into a fully digitally recognisable PDF. What does this mean exactly? Well when you scan a document into a computer, it can’t read anything on it. In effect the computer just sees the file as one large image. This is why you can’t interact with any of the features on the file, merely view it. 

The Text Recognition tool basically gets the computer to actually read the scan you have given it. The program allows the computer to recognise all the characters written on it so that you the user can start to interact with the contents. 

If you are having trouble selecting text with the tools, or if the Text to Speech is unintelligible, you are likely using a scanned PDF. 

The tool itself can be accessed from, or from the Kami  main menu.

How to use the Text Recognition Tool

To use the Text Recognition tool, drag a file in from your local storage or click the white box to choose one from your computer or from Google Drive via the orange button. 

Then click "NEXT" and Text Recognition (OCR) will be run on the document.

Once the file has finished processing, you can download it or open it straight into Kami.

Text Recognition can also be directly run on a document loaded into Kami, by choosing the "Text Recognition" button in the dropdown menu. The progress bar will appear as a popup on the bottom of the screen.

Please note that the automatic pop-up for Text Recognition will always appear upon opening a file without text in Kami. (images, diagrams .etc)

If you encounter any errors with Text Recognition (aka OCR) please email our Customer Success team at Please use the Share Document button to share the file with us or attach the file if that isn't possible.

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