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Using Kami Publish Changes in Google Classroom
Using Kami Publish Changes in Google Classroom

Learn about Kami’s new feature that allows teachers to edit the assignment template files that have already been assigned to students.

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What is Publish Changes?

Publish Changes allows teachers to edit the file template and have those changes appear to all student copies of a Kami assignment that they have already assigned, even if the students are already working on them.

Who can use Publish Changes?

It is available to be used by Teachers on any Kami assignments created that contain student-copy files. This means non-Kami assignments, view-only, or share-one-copy files cannot use this feature.

How to use Publish Changes

The button can be found around the top side of the assignment page itself or at the top right-hand side when previewing the assignment template file.

Assignment page

File preview

This will open the template file in the Kami App. Do the changes in the file and then click on the Publish Changes button once it is ready to publish those changes to your students' files.

When will students see the new changes?

After clicking the Publish Changes button, all the changes that are made will be applied to all students' assignment files straight away. Students who have their assignment file open will see the changes in real-time. Otherwise, they’ll see the changes after refreshing the Kami App tab or the next time they open their assignment file.

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