With Kami's integration with Google Classroom, teachers have the ability to create, assign, and grade with our tools. To provide more customization, we have built the Push Changes feature.

With this feature, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose the "Edit Material" button to edit the assignment file in Kami.

  • Make changes or modify the assignment file with Kami tools.

  • Choose "Push Changes" to update the assignment file for all student copies.

Who can use Push Changes?

This feature is available to users with a Teacher, School, or District Plan. It's currently available with Kami's integration with Google Classroom.

What happens when I Push Changes?

Once you've done all steps, all the changes made on the assignment will be implemented to all student copies.

When will students see the new changes?

Students who have their assignments open in Kami will see your changes in real-time or after they have refreshed their window. Otherwise, they will see it the next time they open the assignment file.

How to use Push Changes in Kami:

1. Open the Kami assignment in Google Classroom

Head to your Classwork and select the assignment you wish to edit.

Once selected, open the “Instructions" tab and click on the file that you've attached to the assignment.

The file preview should display two Kami buttons. Click Edit Material to get started.

You'll be taken to Kami, and you will see this Assignment Material Picker dialog.

Simply pick the assignment file you wish to edit, then click Open.

2. Make changes to the Kami assignment

Add, edit or delete annotations you have on the assignment file – you know the drill!

3. Save and Push Changes

Once all of the changes have been made, click the Push Changes button found on the menu bar.

From the dropdown (as seen below), make sure to click "Push Changes Now" to confirm this step.

Remember: All your changes will be applied to all student copies. Students will see these changes when the file is next opened or in real-time for any students already working on their file.

We'd love your feedback about Push Changes 💌
Drop all your feedback and suggestions at support @kamiapp.com

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