To Grant tenant-wide admin consent please follow these steps:

1. Login to Kami with any Microsoft account on the tenant at

Once you are logged in please open a new tab and open the Azure portal.

2. Sign in to the Azure portal with one of the roles listed in the Prerequisites section (shown below).

3. Once you have logged in simply just search for "Azure Active Directory" in the search bar.

4. Select Azure Active Directory (shown below).

5. Using the left-hand side menu, select Enterprise applications (shown below):

6. You will see an option on the left, under “Manage”, called "All applications" (shown below) – select that. You will then see the option to select the Kami app. Select the Kami app here:

7. When you are inside the Kami app, select permissions (shown below):

8. Once you are inside, you will see the option to click “Grant admin consent for [your domain name]” and agree to the requested permissions:

One More Thing...

Please contact if you would like to access the Customer Panel.

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