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All Toolbar features Explained
All Toolbar features Explained

A run down of all of the Kami features in the Toolbar for annotating documents

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Kami’s wide selection of tools gives users the freedom to interact with files in whichever way best suits their learning.

All of the tools in the main Kami Toolbar are shown in this screenshot below:
We will go through from top to bottom showing the different tools available in Kami.

The Select Text Tool

This Tool allows you to interact with the file without creating annotations. This is mainly used for copying and pasting text from the page.

The Dictionary Tool
This tool allows you to select a word that you would like to see defined. [Only available in English]

The Read Aloud Tool
This Tool will read the text you highlight out loud. The reading speed and volume is adjustable and you can load in other voice packs for compatibility with reading non-English languages.

The Mark-Up Tools

The tools designed for marking up the underlying text in a PDF are grouped into the Mark-up Option of the Tool Bar. A more detailed overview can be found here.

Comment Tools

Similar to the Highlight Tool, this tool can be used to highlight a section of text, automatically bringing up an annotation box for you to input your comments.

The Comment Tool also allows you to add Video and Audio Comments (the Video and Audio comments are paid features). A detailed overview can be found here.

The Insert Text Box Tool

This tool allows you to place text boxes anywhere in their document, perfect for filling in forms. Both the color and size of the text can be adjusted as needed.

Kami Text Editing features will then show up:

The Equation Tool
This tool allows you to create equations by using the symbols palette; (accessed from the pi symbol above the color options).

The Drawing Tool

This tool allows for freehand drawings to be placed anywhere on the document, perfect for drawing attention to key ideas for emphasis. The stroke thickness and transparency can be adjusted.

This can be used to make perfectly straight lines by holding Shift before drawing the line.

The Shapes Tool

This tool allows you to draw shapes on your PDF. This tool is ideal for marking areas that need to be quickly recognised. This tool allows you to mark with circle, square, and line shapes. The size, color, and transparency of the shapes can be adjusted.

** Fill Option is available or you can just use the outline thicknesses in this dropdown.

The Eraser Tool
You can use the eraser tool to erase shapes, text, signatures, and drawings that have been made onto your PDF. To use the eraser tool, simply click and drag over the annotation that you wish to remove.

There are two versions of the Eraser Tool:

All Annotations. This clears any annotations made to the document.
Note: This will not erase highlights caused by inserting a text comment onto selected text.

Drawing and Shapes Only. This ignores highlights, strikethrough/underlined text, comments and Text boxes.

Add Media
Add in different types of media to your Kami document, the following are the types of media you can insert:

From Computer
From Google

Using Google Search

Using One Drive

Add Youtube videos

Graphic Organisers


The Signature Tool
This is used to upload and store your signature to sign PDF files quickly. You can also Draw a signature on touch devices.

Hover over the Signature tool and it will show previous signatures to quickly add to your document.

And that's all of the tools that are on offer in the Kami Tool bar! For any updates please see our @usekamiapp handle on twitter and instagram.

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If you have any questions or encounter any issues with the Kami Tools in the toolbar please do email our support channel at

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