If you find that some of your students are not being added to your Teacher plan via the auto-enrollment feature then using the License Key is the next best way to ensure that your students are added.

Adding students via a License Key

Here is the method that students can use to add themselves to the Teacher license manually via a License Key:

1. Go to https://web.kamihq.com/web/viewer.html

2. Click the Profile button in the top right corner, then click the "Enter License/Coupon" button.

3. Enter the License Key and select "Apply" in the following screenshot:

How can I tell if it worked?

Firstly the quick check would be to see if the locked icons have disappeared on the students' Kami Account, that all tools are now accessible.

Secondly you can check from the teachers' side on your own Kami account License Dashboard!
(If you don't have this License Dashboard accessible to you, please email support@kamiapp.com and we will manually add you as a license admin for your paid Teacher plan.)

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