Note: These instructions require administrator access to the Microsoft Teams configuration for your organization.

Kami class materials can be added at two integration points in Teams:

  1. Kami content as individual tabs in Teams Classes – in this integration you’ll only need to upload the Kami app once for the entire tenant to enable this integration point.

  2. Kami with Teams Assignment this requires the user to be running the Teams Developer Preview, and for the Kami app to be uploaded separately into each Teams Class. This extra step for Teams Assignments won’t be required once the Kami app is publicly available.

1) Kami content as individual tabs in Teams Classes

  • Go to and log in with an administrator account.

  • Open Teams Apps, then Manage apps

  • Click Upload and select the file

  • Once the upload has finished, confirm that the Kami app is in the list of applications.

It may take a few minutes for the Kami app to become available for your users. If users are having trouble finding the Kami Teams app after uploading it, try logging out and back into Microsoft Teams.

2) Kami class materials with Teams Assignments

Before you get started, please follow the below requirements:

Once the steps above are complete, the Kami app can be loaded into the Teams Class to use with Teams Assignments.

  • Open Manage Team on the Teams Class. Navigate to the Apps tab. Click Upload a customized app in the bottom left, and upload the Kami Teams App .zip file

  • Kami (Customized app) should now be on the list of apps.

  • Create an assignment. Click Apps under the Instructions section, and choose the Kami app.

  • Select the Kami resource to add it to the assignment.

Need help? If you have questions about this integration, reach out to our lead engineer here.

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