One question that we are often asked is "Does Kami integrate with/Can I roster my students using Classlink/Clever". Our answer to that has always been no, but there is a good reason for it.

The way that Classlink and Clever work is by providing a Single Sign-on (SSO) system for students to sign in to the various apps/systems the school provides for them such as School Google/Email accounts.

The reason their service doesn't work for Kami is related to Google Drive and Account access permissions. Kami requires "a number of Drive permissions" for our Drive and LMS integrations to function correctly that need to be granted by the user.

Because Classlink/Clever are third-party services, they cannot grant those permissions, so if you signed into Kami using Clever, you would then need to sign in to Google with Clever, and then sign in/authorize Kami access to your Drive permissions as well, which gets really convoluted for a student, especially for the younger grades.

Our recommended workflow is to use Classlink/Clever to roster the student's Google/Microsoft accounts, and then have the students sign in using the Google/Microsoft SSO Service we provide. That sign's them in 2-3 clicks and lets them Authorize those permissions without any issue.

If you have any further questions about logging in/account setup, feel free to reach out via, and we'll be happy to help!

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