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Using Kami with Schoology and Clever iOS apps
Using Kami with Schoology and Clever iOS apps

Steps for accessing Kami through the use of Clever SSO in conjunction with Microsoft Schoology as the learning management system.

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Using Kami with Schoology and Clever iOS apps

It is possible to access Kami using a specific workflow through Clever, in conjunction with Schoology on iPads and Computers. This is a niche workflow that can be used to get the benefit of using Kami through Schoology.

Note: This article shows the workflow of using Kami in the Clever app. This is not an integration with the Clever app.

Requirements for this workflow

In order for this to work, you would need to:

  1. Set up your paid Kami subscription

  2. Get Kami added into Microsoft Schoology prior to using this workflow. [To set up Microsoft Schoology with Kami see this article here

  3. Make sure that you are using the Kami Microsoft Schoology integration v1 or v2 on an iPad or computer.

  4. Log into Schoology through Clever in order to access Kami.

How this works

Clever works for its users by providing a Single Sign-on (SSO) system for students to sign in to the various apps/systems the school provides for them such as School Google/Email accounts, and other tools/apps.

This means that if you go through this process of signing into the Schoology app through Clever, and you had previously already signed up for Kami and integrated this into Schoology, by default Kami will show up inside of Schoology.

Here are some screenshots of what this looks like as a process from a student's point of view:

1. To get started, simply Sign in to Schoology using the Clever SSO

2. Once logged in to your Schoology the Schoology page will show as expected

3. Go through the usual process of opening a Kami assignment in Schoology and click to open the Kami file attached.

4. After clicking the file, it will prompt a Kami log-in, and redirect to the sign-in page

5. Once Sign in, Kami can be used to annotate and finish the assignment, and turn it in as normal.

If you have any further questions about logging in/account setup, feel free to reach out via, and we'll be happy to help!

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