Using Kami with a Microsoft account to load and save files to OneDrive is just as easy as with Google Drive! You can sign in with a Microsoft Account, or sign in via email and load the files through OneDrive. For more info on signing in via email, check out the article here.

To get started, we need to sign in with our Microsoft account. We can do that either via, or by downloading the Kami Extension, either for Google Chrome here, or for Microsoft Edge here. Once the respective extension is added, and Kami is opened, you'll see the login screen.

From here, you’ll now see a ‘with Microsoft” option under the Login or Sign up Options.

Once you click that button, you can then select the account you want to sign up/in with.

If this is the first time you log in, you will then be prompted to select the type of user Kami registers you as.

Once that is selected, you will be taken to the Main Kami Menu. On that screen, there will be an “Open from OneDrive” option available that you can use to load files saved there into Kami just like you would from Google Drive.

Clicking that will open the OneDrive File-Picker, where you can select the file you want to load. You may need to select your Microsoft account again if you are signed in with more than one.

Once the files are loaded, the annotations that you create will be saved back to the OneDrive File automatically, on the same 3-minute timer that the Google Drive auto-save works on.

You can also choose to export files out of Kami back to your OneDrive, using the Download Button.

This will also give you access to all of the OneDrive integration features, including:

Available now:

  • Schoology integration with OneDrive

  • Canvas integration with OneDrive

  • OCR for OneDrive documents

  • “Open with Kami” from within the OneDrive web interface

  • OneDrive document sharing


  • Opening shared OneDrive files from within Kami

  • Support for OneDrive in Split and Merge tool

  • Add Media from OneDrive

  • Microsoft Teams integration

Should you have any issues logging in, or any questions, feel free to reach out via, and we’ll be happy to help!

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