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Canvas Primary Teacher

Giving you more control over where Canvas assignment files live and who owns them.

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What is a Primary Teacher?

A primary teacher is a Kami user responsible for owning all course assignment files, including all template and student files.

When Kami detects that a teacher has changed their role or if an assumed primary teacher has not yet been confirmed, we will ask you the next time you open SpeedGrader.

After a primary teacher is assigned, we will check and make sure that they own these files. This allows you - the teacher, to have more control over where Kami places assignment files for your course.

Why is the Primary Teacher feature needed?

As a teacher, you likely have co-teachers or teaching assistants to whom you want to assign grading/assignment tasks. The way that Canvas integration with Kami functions as follows:

The teacher creates an assignment and that assignment and all its copies are now owned by the teacher who created them.

If a co-teacher then attempts to grade an assignment that they did not create, they will not have access to the assignment because they weren't the ones who created it. This is because it doesn't recognize them as the owner.

The Primary teacher feature allows you to change who is recognized as the owner of a particular course. Which then allows you to delegate work to co-teachers through this feature.

✏️ This feature is also invaluable if a teacher is retiring or leaving your school and you want to transfer already created courses/assignments to a new teacher

How do you change the Primary Teacher?

Log into Canvas using the account of the course owner then go to the relevant course.

Scroll down on the left till you see Kami as an option, and select it. Once selected, you will be prompted to change the primary teacher there.

✏️ You must have a co-teacher or the new teacher under the course permissions to transfer primary ownership

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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