As a teacher, you’re likely to have other co-teachers or teaching assistants help you teach a particular course. Kami’s Canvas integration can seamlessly allow these other users to create, view, and grade Kami assignments. The files related to these assignments will now be owned by the teacher that created the assignments.

However, the following scenarios can pose tricky questions:

A teacher who taught a class leaves the school

How can we move that teacher’s files over to a new teacher’s Google Drive or OneDrive? How does Kami identify who the new owner should be?

An assignment is copied to multiple courses on Canvas

Every course will have a different set of teachers, so how does Kami designate the owner of these new files across different courses?

That’s why we’re introducing Primary Teachers for Canvas courses.

A primary teacher is a Kami user who is responsible for owning all assignment files for a course, that includes all template and student files. When Kami detects that a teacher has changed their role, or if an assumed primary teacher has not yet been confirmed, we will simply ask you the next time you open SpeedGrader.

After a primary teacher is assigned, we will check and make sure that these files are indeed owned by them. This allows you - the teacher to have more control over where Kami places assignment files for your course now and into the future.

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