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How do I fix the "File is no longer attached" error in Google Classroom?
How do I fix the "File is no longer attached" error in Google Classroom?

This error can occur on some Kami assignments using Kami's Google Classroom integration, we explain the issue and steps to resolve it

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If you're trying to turn in your file and you're seeing the "File is no longer attached" error shown below, this article will help you. This issue tends to occur when you are using regular Google Classroom assignments where students may have removed the original version of the file from the assignment.

Why are you seeing this error?

After opening the file in Kami, you or someone else may have removed the assignment file in the Assignment page inside Google Classroom.

This typically occurs by accidentally clicking the "X" button (see screenshot below) under the Your Work section for the assignment.

If this "X" was clicked, your assignment page will look something like this. Showing that the original copy of the work was removed.

Note: Do not click Make a copy. This will create a new copy of the same file and you will lose all the annotations you've added through Kami. If you or someone else has already clicked Make a copy, the assignment will look normal, but the file shown under "Your work" won't be the same file that you were editing in Kami. But that's OK, we can still fix this.

If you're editing a file in Kami and it was deleted from the assignment in the manner described above. When you click Turn-In; Kami will check if the file is still attached to the assignment, and if not, we will show the "File is no longer attached" error.

Fix How do you re-attach the correct file?

You'll need to locate the correct copy of the work and have to find the file that you're editing inside Kami in

Thankfully the correct file will still be accessible through Google Drive as it is shared to the student when the assignment is first created. So it's possible to manually reattach it.

To do this, you need to:

1. Go to Kami, in the top bar, edit the file name with something such as "actual document". We will be searching for these words when it comes to finding the exact document again.

2. Click + Add or create inside your Google Classroom Assignment page, and choose Google Drive.

3. A file picker dialog should appear. Type into the search bar "Actual Document" to find the file you just edited. If you didn't use edit the file title in Step 1, if you were working on your file just before, it will probably be the first file in the Recent tab. Select your file and click Insert.

Once added, your Assignment's attachments should look something like this, with the file you have just attached:

4. You can now return to the file in Kami and click Turn In again, you should be redirected to the Google Classroom Assignment page, where you can turn in the file.

You should be good to go from here!

What to do if you are still seeing this error

If you click Turn In and still see the same error message, it's likely that you attached the wrong file in Google Classroom. You need to make sure the file you attach is the same file you have modified inside Kami. You can try saving again, just so that when you click Add or create in Google Classroom, it will be the first file on the Recents list since it was just modified. It also helps to rename your file inside Kami to something you can easily identify later when attaching the file, to make sure you're choosing the correct file.

How do I avoid this problem in the future?

If you are a teacher, one way you can avoid this situation is by creating your assignments with the Kami integration.

That can save your students some trouble, since with the integration, even if the document was deleted, Kami has the ability to go ahead and attach the right document again automatically.

If there are still issues, please contact us at with a video of the issue.

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