Restore Annotations tool

Learn how to restore or undelete your old annotations.

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Annotations are the backbone of Kami. Whether it’s classic text comments, a recorded snippet, video explainer or creative screen capture, the comment functionality allows you to express your thoughts and collaborate with other learners.

So, what happens when your carefully crafted observations are accidentally deleted!? 

With the Restore Annotations option, you no longer need to panic. You can quickly and easily restore all of your deleted annotations whenever you need to.

What is the Restore Annotations Tool?

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin! By clicking on the ‘Restore Annotations’ option in the menu bar you can restore all of your deleted comments on a page by page basis. With comments which have had subsequent edits made to them, Restore Annotations will reveal the most recent version of the annotation, not the original.

How to restore your annotations in Kami

  1. Navigate to the Menu button on the top right-hand side of your screen.



2. Click the Menu button and find the ‘Restore Annotations’ option halfway down the window.

3. The tool will reveal every deleted annotation on each page.

4. Click ‘Select’ to restore annotations on your chosen pages. 


Note: You can only restore annotations on a page by page basis. So if you only want to undelete a single annotation you will have to restore the entire page and then re-delete the rest. 

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