We understand that annotating websites is becoming a more and more relevant use case that many teachers and other users want to make use of. This is workflow we've come up with that will allow you to take a webpage that you've located and turn it into a PDF that you can then bring in to Kami to annotate and incorporate into your lessons. 

Installing Mercury Reader:

1. Go to the Google Chrome web store page for Mercury Reader.

2. Select the "Add to Chrome" button then 'Add Extension" in the pop-up that follows.

3. Mercury Reader should now be added to Chrome.

Getting a Website Ready For Annotation

1. Navigate to the website you wish to annotate

Click the Mercury Reader icon, this will strip out any extraneous element on the webpage (ads, etc).

3. Right-click on the page and select "Print"

4. Select "Save as PDF"

5. Lastly one you have that file saved to your device then you can open that up in Kami by selecting the "Open From Computer" option on the Kami Main Screen (you can access this either by clicking the Kami Extension icon on the top-right of your browser or by going to https://web.kamihq.com/web/viewer.html).

We are also currently working on an integrated web clipper for Kami that will significantly reduce the number of steps involved in this workflow, to keep track of news on this and any other updates follow us on @usekamiapp on Twitter or on the official Kami Blog.

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