Some times you'll have a really good idea about what you want to do to a PDF, but there won't be a tool that lets you. Luckily, there are sometimes way to attain that effect with the tools at your disposal and some creative thinking!

Here are some of our favorite Kami hacks to make things faster and life easier when annotating your files.

Editing Text:

One of the most common requests we get in Kami is, "How do I edit the text of my PDF". Kami cannot directly affect PDF content, however, there is an easy workaround via the Text Box tool.

  1. Create a text box using the Text Box tool.
  2. Set the box fill to white.
  3. Stretch the box out so that it blocks out the text you want to remove.
  4. Type in the new text.

Once that edit has been made, you can export the document with flattened annotations and that edit will be embedded into the document. For help with exporting documents see the article here.

Clearing All Annotations:

Currently, there isn't a way to delete all annotations in the original Kami file, however, there is a quick way to create a new, clean copy of your document.

  1. Open to the Download Menu
  2. Set file export to either "Google Drive" or to "Your Computer"
  3. Select the "Original No Annotations" option for exporting.
  4. Export the file out.

This saves a clean copy of the original document to the chosen location. It also means that the annotated copy can be kept if needed.

Presentation Annotating and Zoom:

Presentation mode doesn't currently allow for zoom or access to the Toolbar while in use. However, there is a way to get a more presentation friendly view while maintaining that access.

  1. Click the "Customize and control Google Chrome" button in the top right of Chrome.
  2. Select the full-screen option.

This hides the toolbar and desktop bar and widens the view, whilst still allowing the zoom level to be changed and the annotation tools to be used.

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