Welcome back, everybody! The following article is an overview of some of the Kami tools you may have forgotten about over the Summer break as well as some tools that have come out in the last 12 months that you may not be aware of. 

Dictionary Tool

Students can look up word definitions without having the leave the page they are working on. Simply use the Dictionary Tool, and click on any word on the document. We are now using a new Oxford US dictionary.

Extended Comment Tools (Voice, Video and Screen Capture Comments)

You and your students can create video, audio or record your screen next to your content. You can record up to 5 minutes for each clip, and position them anywhere on the page. This could be great for creating your own instructional content for students to review.

Text-to-Speech And Voice Typing

With Text-to-Speech you can read aloud any text on the document. Now, you can read the entire page, skip sentences, and use the space bar on the keyboard to stop the playback.

Using Voice Typing students can dictate text comments and inserted text-boxes. We now use Google’s dictation engine, which offers our users the best in class transcription available.

Improved Split and Merge & OCR Tool

Create your own customised course materials by splitting up and merging in snippets from new and existing course resources (note: this mode supports PDFs, .docx, as well as Google Slides and Sheets  

Kami License Dashboard

There's a new Kami License Dashboard for Kami's paid Teacher, School or District-wide Plans. This Dashboard allows you to manage your license, see who is on it as well as other usage metrics. For School or District Plans, you can also deploy to a Google Organization Unit (OU), and upload a CSV to the license.

Canvas LMS Integration

We've launched a brand new integration with Canvas Learning Management System. It's a LTI compliant integration that lets teachers easily push out and grade documents, and students to open and turn in work all within Canvas. To install it, please go here.

Google Classroom Improvements

We've integrated Kami into Google Classroom's grading tool. This allows teachers to easily drop into Kami documents while students are working on their work, and monitor and provide feedback. As well as allow the teacher to view and grade work after it has been turned in. You can find more about that here.

We've also enhanced our Classroom Kami Assignments to support Classroom's topics, so you can select which topic your Kami documents are part of while you're creating it.

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