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Stylus Support For Kami

Notes about stylus support when using Kami.

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"Passive" VS. "Active" Stylus Support

The terms passive and active stylus refer to how the stylus interacts with the device, the key distinction between them is that passive styluses do not use any electronics or connectivity with the device to interact with the touchscreen, they typically use a capacitive tip (usual rubber) so mimic the input of a finger on the screen.  

Whereas active styluses typically have some means of connecting to the device by some means (usually via Bluetooth) in addition to the capacitive tip. 

Kami will recognize when you are using a capacitive stylus and will prompt you that your Stylus has been detected (see screenshot below) and this will automatically enable touch scrolling; this will let scroll the page with your finger whilst let you draw and otherwise interact with the Kami tools  

The following tools to be used free-hand when used with an active stylus: 

  • Highlighter/Strikethrough/Underline

  • Drawing tool


Apple Pen

We also have active stylus support for the Apple Pen on iPads. So when you are using Kami on the Chrome app on iOS, Kami will auto-detect the input. You can then use your Apple Pen with the tools we've outlined above.

If you have any other questions about this please let us know on

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