How To Annotate Websites Using Kami

Exporting website content to annotate and then use in Kami

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Annotating a website sounds like it would be a very useful ability. While Kami cannot directly annotate, there is still a way to annotate most of a website's content.  This works best for online written articles.

Print To PDF 

The most straightforward method to retrieve a web page and bring it into Kami is by downloading the page using the browser's print function. 

First go to the menu on the Chrome browser (or press Ctrl-P). 

You will then be able to choose a download location for the PDF in your local storage. From there you can upload that into Kami, either by clicking "Open from Computer" or dragging-and-dropping the file into the main screen of the app. 


Mercury Reader

An alternative method is to utilise the Mercury Reader Extension for Google Chrome.

First, install the Mercury Reader Extension onto Google Chrome from the web store. (link here)

Once loaded the icon should appear in the top right with the other chrome extensions

Then open up the web-page you would like to annotate.

Select the Mercury Reader button in the top right, which will convert the webpage to the Mercury Reader format.

From this point, You can use the steps as described in  "Print to PDF" above to bring the file into Kami.

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