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Using the Kami tools for close-reading sources and interactive mapping exercises.

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The following is a collection of integration ideas that can be used in social studies, geography and history. Much of this article is drawn from a blog post by one of our Kami Heroes; Megan Barnash.

Analyzing Sources And Close-Reading

The Mark-up and Comment tools are perfect for close-reading reading source materials. Students can use highlights to draw attention to key ideas in the text and use Text comments to elaborate on these annotations with explanations and analysis. This can also be a way for students to start dipping their toes into referencing and in-text citations.

Students can also use Voice-typing or Voice comment to either transcribe or record a short comment to catch a quickly thought and have it saved for later review (see the above link to the Comment tools for more on that).

Labelling Maps And Other Visual Content

One of our Kami Heroes, Megan Barnash teaches a 6th-grade social studies class.Β 

She instructs the students to use Kami to color, trace and label the map to differentiate rivers and seas for an Ancient Civilizations class.Β 

Below a student has labeled the fertile crescent and added a mini key. They also use the Shape tool to highlight in the initial reading. She can also see how they organized highlights into different colors to connect different thoughts together:

​Source: Megan Barnash, 6th Grade Social Studies, Kami Hero

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